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Eagle Sino Agricultural Machinery

A brief introduction to our products

We manufacture high-quality power machines, agricultural implements, farm machinery, and farm machinery accessories for various applications at Eagle Sino.

Premium materials are used to manufacture our products, which ensure durability as well as excellent customer support. You can count on us for all your product needs.

Video of factory inspection of power machines

Tiller machine video
Power tillers video
Small power video
How are goods usually packed?

Generally, we have two types of packaging, cartons and wooden crates.

Can I change the design of the machine?

Certainly, our machines can be designed to meet customers’ needs.

What is the quality of the product?

Each of our products is rigorously tested before packing and shipping, so they are all of high quality. We ensure that our products can be used normally after shipment and after they reach the customer’s hands.

Can we visit the factory?

Of course, you can, if you want to visit the factory. We also have direct access to the factory via live video.

How long is the production cycle of a product usually?

Usually 10-20 days. The exact delivery time needs to be determined according to the order quantity.

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