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  • Bush Cutter Machine
  • Grass Cutter Machine
  • Side mounted brush cutter
  • Trimmer edger
  • Bush Cutter Machine
  • Grass Cutter Machine
  • Side mounted brush cutter
  • Trimmer edger

2-stroke Side Hang Brush Cutter

2-stroke Side Hang Brush Cutter

  • High engine power,low fuel consumption
  • High efficiency, save time
  • Long time operation is not easy to fatigue
  • Smoother and easier starter
  • Long service life, cost savings

4-stroke Petrol Brush Cutter Weed Eater

Lightweight, easy to push and move, making your mowing work easy to complete,you can replace a variety of forms of blade to meet a variety of needs, whether thick shoots or thick hard branches, can be efficient and fast pruning.

Technical Data

Product name Grass Cutter 4-stroke Trimmer Edger Lawn Tool Weeding Machine
Material Metal
Application Lawn
Power Type Gas Powered
Operating Mode Handheld
Type Grass Trimmer
Fuel Type Petrol/Gasoline
Usage Weeds Around Trees
Color Red
Power Size 33*23*30cm
Operating Arm 166*11*10cm
Condition Brand new


Product details

Weed Cutter
Non-slip handle

Non-slip handle

Use comfortable non-slip handle, maintain balance, not easy to fall off, give you a better experience.

High-quality sponge air filter

High-quality sponge air filter

The high strength welded passive disk drives smoothly, the built-in rubber cushion reduces the vibration of the machine, and the use of high-quality sponge air filter to provide more clean air to the engine.

Grass Cutter
Weed Eater
Safety Shield

Safety Shield

Plastic baffles keep weeds out and keep your clothes clean and tidy.

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