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Strictly Control The Product Loading Process

Before starting loading, workers check that the loading area is clean, level, and free of obstacles to avoid accidents during loading. Ensure that all lifting tools and equipment have been checked and are in good condition and meet safety standards to ensure that the product is of factory quality and condition.

Shipment Small Power

Before shipment workers check that the power tiller and its attachments are in good condition, with no cracked, broken, or loose parts. Use proper lifting methods to ensure that the tillers is hanging stably from the lifting tool.

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Loading The Tiller Machine

Move the microtiller slowly and steadily to the transport vehicle or equipment. Ensure that the microtiller remains balanced and stable throughout the process.

Automatic Carton Packing Machine

Carton automatic packing machine with a high degree of automation. Able to operate through the PLC control system and touch screen interface, it can achieve automatic control, reduce the difficulty of operation, and reduce the possibility of human error.

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