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Testing Equipment

Strict quality management systems are in place at our processing sites to ensure that product quality meets standards and customer needs.
We will carry out a number of inspections, including raw material inspection, process inspection, and finished product inspection.
Products that do not meet standards need to be isolated, returned for repair, or scrapped.

Fuel Tank Leakage Check

Carefully observe the oil tank and connecting piping for oil leaks. Focus on checking the oil tank gasket, connecting bolts and piping connections.

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Inspection Engine Performance Test

Installation of the engine on the actual equipment or vehicle and activation of the engine by means of the control system and the corresponding tests.

Tillers Starting Performance Test

Test the starting performance of the power tiller, including starting time, number of starts, etc., to ensure that it can start properly.

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Quality Inspection Of The Structure Of The Tillers

Check whether the structure of the tiller machine is reasonable and whether the parts are firmly and reliably connected to ensure its overall stability.

Inspection Of Key Parts Of The Tillers

Check whether the engine, transmission, gearbox and other key parts of the tiller machine are intact and not worn or damaged.

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