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Main Product Series

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With Eagle Sino strong power tiller, you can effortlessly tackle challenging gardening and farming tasks. Cultivate soil, remove weeds, and prepare beds for planting with ease.
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Eagle Sino premium brush cutters will help you conquer overgrown yards and challenging vegetation. Designed for quick, easy lawn and weed mowing.
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Increase crop productivity with Eagle Sino high-performance agricultural water pumps.
And all of your irrigation demands will be met reliably and efficiently.
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Once production is complete, Eagle Sino offer both assistance in finding logistics services and shipment to designated locations.
  • High-Quality Testing
  • R&D Technology
  • Testing equipment
  • Strong production capacity
  • Strength factory
  • Global Cooperation
  • After-sales guarantee
  • Professional Services
  • Strength Certification
  • Good quality and low price


Experience the power of professional-grade agriculture equipment from Eagle Sino. Our top-of-the-line machinery is built to boost your farm’s productivity and efficiency.

Professional Machinery You Can Trust

Eagle Sino Machinery, a leading manufacturer of top-quality agricultural and gardening equipment. Our gasoline and diesel water pumps, power tillers, generators, brush cutters, and more are built to the highest standards for reliable performance.

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Trusted Manufacturing Partner - Eagle Sino Machinery

Backed by 5 fully automatic production lines and advanced testing equipment, Eagle Sino Machinery delivers unparalleled quality for all your manufacturing needs.

Making Orders
When our company receives orders from consumers, it manufactures exactly to their specifications.
Processing Items
Our organization has various professional and innovative processing lines to provide maximum production efficiency.
Quality Testing
Each product is tested for performance by a variety of specialized testing equipment and manually after it is fully installed and complete.
Packaging Products
After each product is manufactured, it is placed in a wooden crate and packed tightly to protect each product from damage during transportation.
Once production is complete, we offer both assistance in finding logistics services and shipment to designated locations.

Reliable Manufacturing from Eagle Sino Machinery

Discover the power and reliability of Eagle Sino’s professional agricultural and gardening equipment. Our factory specializes in high-quality water pumps, tillers, generators, and more to meet all your farming and landscaping needs.

R&D equipment

Powerful Eagle Sino Machinery for Any Job

370x370 banner1
Eagle sino's chain saws can be used for forestry clearing, forest thinning and gardening.
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Eagle Sino's portable brush cutters provide professional mowing services for a variety of horticultural landscapes, such as parks, patio gardens, golf courses and more.
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Eagle Sino's hedge trimmers can be used for forest conservation and renovation, trimming lawns, shrubs, hedges and more.
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Eagle Sino's power tillers can be used for removing weeds, loosening soil, improving soil structure, and can perform deep plowing, loosening, and weeding operations with excellent results.
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Eagle Sino's portable generator can be used as a mobile power source to provide stable power support for outdoor camping, field work, etc. It can meet various power needs.
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Eagle Sino's water pumps can be used for agricultural irrigation, greenhouse watering, fish pond irrigation, and deep well water extraction.

Why Choose Eagle Sino Agricultural Machinery

EAGLE SINO has professional grade performance test equipment. It ensures quality and efficiency at every step of production.
Discover the reliability of EAGLE SINO's professional manufacturing capabilities. With diverse production lines, we deliver high-quality products you can trust.
EAGLE SINO is a trusted professional manufacturer that rigorously tests each machine to ensure exceptional quality. Experience the difference of their meticulous craftsmanship.
Upgrade your farm operations with EAGLE SINO's cutting-edge agricultural machinery. As a leading factory and wholesaler, we offer a comprehensive line of top-of-the-line equipment to boost your productivity.
Unlock your farm's full potential with EAGLE SINO's cutting-edge agricultural machinery. As a leading factory and wholesaler, we offer a comprehensive line of top-of-the-line equipment for all your farming needs.
Experience the unparalleled quality and innovation of EAGLE SINO's agricultural equipment. With a strong R&D team and vast product customization, we deliver machinery that boosts your productivity.

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