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Chongqing Eagle Sino Machinery produces brush cutter with advanced production technology and strict quality control to ensure excellent performance and durability to meet various outdoor lawn maintenance needs.

Brush Cutter Machine

Chongqing Eagle Sino manufactures many types of Brush Cutters, including side-mounted brush cutter machines, backpack brush cutters, and portable grass cutters. Our company has an extensive product line in gardening and lawn care equipment.

Popular Styles Of Brush Cutters

brush cutter2
  • Engine: Two Stroke
  • Displacement: 31CC
  • Output Power: 1.0 kW
  • Fuel Tank: 850 ML
  • Pole Diameter: 26MM
brush cutter3
  • Engine: Two Stroke
  • Displacement: 42.7CC
  • Output Power: 1.25 kW
  • Fuel Tank: 900 ML
  • Pole Diameter: 26MM
Cutter Brush
  • Engine: Two Stroke
  • Displacement: 37CC
  • Output Power: 0.77 kW/1.0 hp
  • Fuel Tank: 900 ML
  • Pole Diameter: 26 MM
Trimmer edger
  • Engine: Two Stroke
  • Displacement: 25.4 CC
  • Output Power: 1.25 kW
  • Fuel Tank: 630 ML
  • Pole Diameter: 26 MM
  • Engine: Two Stroke
  • Displacement: 32 CC
  • Output Power: 0.7 kW/1.0 hp
  • Fuel Tank: 730 ML
  • Pole Diameter: 26 MM
Brush Cutter 4-stroke
  • Engine: Four Stroke
  • Displacement: 42.7 CC
  • Output Power: 1.25kW
  • Fuel Tank: 900 ML
  • Pole Diameter: 26/28/32 MM
brush cutter5
  • Engine: Four Stroke
  • Displacement: 37 CC
  • Output Power: 1.0kW
  • Fuel Tank: 900 ML
  • Pole Diameter: 26 MM
brush cutter8
  • Engine: Four Stroke
  • Displacement: 31 CC
  • Output Power: 0.7 kW
  • Fuel Tank: 900 ML
  • Pole Diameter: 26 MM
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Eagle Sino Brush Cutter Benefits

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Technical Innovations

Eagle Sino brush cutters always focused on technological innovation.
Upgrade your lawn care with Eagle Sino, the leading innovator in professional-grade brush cutter machines.

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Diversity Options

Eagle Sino is a professional factory and manufacturer with an extensive line of high-quality brush cutters to fit your every need. Find the perfect model with the desired features at a price that works for you.

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Production equipment

Eagle Sino’s state-of-the-art production equipment and technology ensure the quality and productivity of the brush cutters.  Trust our professional factory to meet your manufacturing needs.

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Quality control

Eagle Sino has a quality management system and testing methods for brush cutters to ensure that each brush cutter meets high standards.

Related Products

brush cutter spare parts1-1
String Trimmer Line

Applying a brush cutter with a string trimmer line is mainly focused on lawn and garden mowing, especially for shorter lawns and small areas of mowing and maintenance. The advantage of this combination is that it is less noisy, less vibration, lightweight easy to carry, and easier to operate.

brush cutter spare parts2
Brush Cutter Blades

Straight mower blades are a common blade type found in brush cutters and are particularly useful for mowing short grass and keeping lawns tidy. Straight blades are suitable for routine mowing of home lawns and can remove short grass from your lawn quickly and efficiently. In public places such as parks and green spaces, straight blades can help keep lawns tidy and beautiful.

brush cutter spare parts3
Grass Cutter Blades

Circular saw blades are suitable for mowing lawns, low weeds, tree branches, and fallen leaves. Multi-tooth blades are suitable for mowing denser lawns and weeds. When mowing your home lawn, you can choose to use either a circular saw blade or a straight blade.

  • I recently purchased Eagle Sino brush cutters and have been pleased with their performance. It cuts both high and low grass exceptionally efficiently and changed my brush cutter.

  • I recently purchased a lawn mower from Eagle Sino and had a great experience! The machine is powerful and is capable of handling a wide range of lawn conditions. The after-sales service is also very good, making me feel your company’s professionalism and dedication.

  • I recently bought a lawn mower from Eagle Sino and it is really easy to use. It is particularly efficient at mowing the lawn, and it doesn’t take long to clean up the lawn. The operation is also very smooth and effortless. Moreover, it doesn’t make a lot of noise, so it doesn’t disturb the neighbors.

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