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  • Brush Cutter
  • grass cutter
  • brush cutter
  • grass cutter machine
  • Brush Cutter
  • grass cutter
  • brush cutter
  • grass cutter machine

4-Stroke Gasoline Brush Cutter Backpack

4-Stroke Gasoline Brush Cutter Backpack

  • Large power, fast cutting
  • Slow aging, strong safety
  • Light and easy to carry
  • High efficiency, save time
  • Long service life, cost savings

4-Stroke Gasoline Brush Cutter Backpack

Four-stroke engine, low fuel consumption, strong power, long time work without flout, effectively reduce the original emissions and fuel consumption, can reduce carbon monoxide emissions, improve service life.

Technical Data

Product name Backpack Gas Power Brush Cutter
Material Metal
Rated Power 0.65/6500(KW/r/min)
Application Lawn
Power Type Gas Powered
Operating Mode Handheld
Type Grass Trimmer
Fuel Type Petrol/Gasoline
Usage Weeds Around Trees
Color Red
Power Size 36*32*41cm
Operating Arm 156*10*10cm


Product details

brush cutter
Large power

Large power

Engine provides more power with easy starter, it can trim bigger branches efficiently Comfortable double shoulder strap.

non-slip handle

non-slip handle

The ergonomic handle guarantees labor-saving and comfortable operation, with a self-locking device for easier operation and more comfortable use, allowing you to enjoy gardening.

non-slip handle
grass cutter machine
mower shoulder strap

mower shoulder strap

The shoulder strap of the lawn mower can help you effectively distribute the load and better meet your needs.

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