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  • brush Cutter machine
  • brush Cutter machine
  • Grass Trimmers
  • Cordless Grass Cutter
  • brush Cutter machine
  • brush Cutter machine
  • Grass Trimmers
  • Cordless Grass Cutter

2-Stroke Handheld Brush Cutter

2-Stroke Handheld Brush Cutter

  • Large power, fast cutting
  • Slow aging, strong safety
  • Improving work efficiency, saving time and effort.
  • Low noise,Light weight
  • Long service life, cost savings

2-Stroke Handheld Brush Cutter

【Strong power & Efficient】- turbocharged fan blades ,strong power and longer service life, 6500 rpm speed; 90 degrees adjustable multi-angle machine head make it easyer to reach the area which the lawn mowers and line string trimmer hard-to-reach, it’s great for lawn care and other around the house projects.

Technical Data

Product name Grass Cutter Trimmer For Grass
Material Metal
Rated Power 1.25/6500(KW/r/min)
Application Lawn
Power Type Gas Powered
Operating Mode Handheld
Type Grass Trimmer
Displacement 42.7CC
Usage Weeds Around Trees
Color Red
Condition Brand new


Product details

Powerful performance
Single Cylinder Engine

Single Cylinder Engine

2 stroke single cylinder engine, output surging power, large cylinder, no flaring, no cylinder pulling, long load use, no burning machine, higher working efficiency.

Non-slip Handle

Non-slip Handle

Non-slip handle, non-slip texture handle is more stable

Grass Trimmer Machine
Grass Trimming
Heat Dissipation System

Heat Dissipation System

High efficiency heat dissipation system, widen the heat dissipation hole, long-term use without flame, suitable for lasting work.

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