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  • 177F gasoline power tiller1
  • 177F gasoline power tiller2
  • 177F gasoline power tiller3
  • 177F gasoline power tiller1
  • 177F gasoline power tiller2
  • 177F gasoline power tiller3

177F Gasoline Power Weeder Machine

177F Gasoline Mini Power Tiller Power Weeder Machine

  • Flexible steering
  • Easy to walk
  • Easily adjustable armrest bracket
  • Low fuel consumption

177F Gasoline Mini Tiller Power Weeder Machine

177F Gasoline Power Weeder is a kind of efficient, stable, and multifunctional agricultural machinery and equipment, which is suitable for all kinds of agricultural environments. It has the advantages of strong power performance, high fuel efficiency, good adaptability, and durability, making it a powerful helper for modern agricultural production.

  • Versatility

This Powered Tiller Machine is equipped with various working functions, such as rotary double plowing, double plowing, seeding, threshing, pumping, spraying, and so on. By replacing various operating parts, it can realize multifunctionality and meet the needs of various agricultural operations.

  • Wide adaptability

This micro cultivator is suitable for various soil types and crop cultivation patterns, including plains, mountains, hills, rice fields, orchards, etc. Meanwhile, it can also be customized to meet the requirements of specific working environments.

Technical Data

Product Name 177 Gasoline Power Tiller
Specification Model Handheld
Matching Engine Model Name 177F/P Gasoline engine
Structure Type Forced air-cooled, four-stroke, swashplate, single-cylinder
Nominal Power 4.5 kW
Nominal Speed 3600 r/min
Starting Mode Hand pull start
Fuel Type Petrol
Overall dimension(mm) 1680×1050×800  mm
Weights 90kg
Transmission mode Gear
Connection mode Direct connection
Adjustment of handrail Horizontal direction 0 °
Vertical direction ±91°
Knife and roller Speed Fast gear F:145 r/min
Slow gear S:83 r/min
Maximum turning radius 180 mm
Total number of knives installed 32
Type of rotary ploughing knives Dryland Knife
Main clutch Type Friction blade type
Condition Normally open
Ploughing width 1050 mm
Ploughing depth ≥100 mm
Working speed 0.1~0.3 m/s
Hourly productivity ≥0.04  hm²
Fuel consumption per unit of working area ≤35 kg/hm ²

Product details

170 gasoline power tiller details1
Tool Box For Power Weeder

Tool Box For Power Weeder

A container for storing and carrying the tools and accessories needed for the microtiller machine ensures that you can quickly find and use the tools and accessories you need when you need them.

Pneumatic/Solid Tires Are Available

Pneumatic/Solid Tires Are Available

Pneumatic tires have good elasticity and shock absorption. Pneumatic tires can be adapted to different ground conditions and are highly adaptable.

170 gasoline power tiller details2
170 gasoline power tiller details3
Fenders For Power Tiller

Fenders For Power Tiller

The fender of the power tiller can avoid mud and weed splashing and protect the crop.



Compared with the 170F engine, the 177F engine is able to provide stronger power output, thus better adapting to the agricultural operating environment that requires more power.

170 gasoline power tiller details4

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