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  • 182 gasoline tiller machine1
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  • 182 gasoline tiller machine1
  • 182 gasoline tiller machine2
  • 182 gasoline tiller machine3
  • 182 gasoline tiller machine4

182F Gasoline Agriculture Cultivator Tillers

182F Best Garden Tiller Power Weeder Machine

  • High fuel efficiency
  • Highly adaptable
  • Environmentally friendly and low-carbon
  • Energy efficient

182F Small Power Weeder Garden Cultivator Tiller Machine

182F Gas Powered Tiller Machine is a small, lightweight, and versatile agricultural machinery, which is usually used for plowing and weeding in orchards, vegetable fields, and farmlands.

Meanwhile, it is also a powerful, easy-to-operate, which is a very practical tool for families or small farms.

  • Powerful

Petrol 182F Gas Powered Tiller Machines are typically powered by a powerful, single-cylinder petrol engine, powerful enough to easily handle a wide range of agricultural tasks such as plowing, tilling, rotary seeding, and more.

  • Easy to use

When designing the tillers particular attention was paid to ease of operation. The user can operate the machine using simple handles or switches and can easily perform forward, reverse, rotating, and milling movements.

  • Versatile functions

In addition to the basic soil cultivation functions, the petrol tiller machine 182 can be equipped with various accessories such as weed wheels, furrow splitters, etc. to perform other agricultural work.

Technical Data

Product Name 182F Gasoline Power Tiller Machine
Model Name 1WG6.5-135FQ-ZC
Specification Model Handheld
Matching Engine Model Name 182F/Q Gasoline engine
Structure Type Forced air-cooled, four-stroke, swashplate, single-cylinder
Nominal Power 6.5 kW
Nominal Speed 3600 r/min
Starting Mode Hand pull start
Fuel Type Petrol
Overall dimension(mm) 1580x1010x951 mm
Weights 100kg
Transmission mode Gear
Connection mode Direct connection
Adjustment of handrail Horizontal direction 0 °
Vertical direction 180°
Knife and roller speed Fast gear F:145 r/min
Slow gear S:83 r/min
Maximum turning radius 180 mm
Total number of knives installed 24
Type of rotary ploughing knives Dryland Knife
Main clutch Type Friction blade type
Condition Normally open
Ploughing width 1350 mm
Ploughing depth ≥100 mm
Working speed 0.1~0.3 m/s
Hourly productivity ≥0.04  hm²
Fuel consumption per unit of working area ≤35 kg/hm ²

Product details

170 Tiller machine4
Good stability

Good stability

The machine’s frame is made of reasonable structural design and high-strength metal material, which can withstand large force and vibration and ensure the stability of the micro-tiller in the process of operation.

High reliability

High reliability

The structure of the frame is compact, reasonable, and firmly connected, which can reduce the loosening and damage of the parts caused by vibration and shock, and improve the reliability and service life of the micro-tiller.

170 tiller details3
Match with emergency stop device

Match with emergency stop device

When the machine is out of the operator’s control or the operator’s hands are scattered, the power supply of the engine will be cut off automatically to realize the automatic emergency stop.

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