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EG1500 Petrol Generators

EG1500 Portable Gasoline Generator

  • Low fuel consumption
  • Cast iron cylinder liners
  • High-performance alternator
  • Electric starter for easy starting

EG1500 Portable Gasoline Generator

Gasoline generators offer impressive fuel efficiency, optimized performance, and extended run time on just one fuel tank. Our engines are designed with efficiency in mind, ensuring that every drop of fuel is maximized to provide consistent and reliable power. This efficiency helps extend runtime and minimizes fuel consumption, making this generator a cost-effective and environmentally conscious choice.

Technical Data

Name 1kW gasoline generator sets
Model Parameters EGS 1500
Rated frequency (Hz) 50
Rated power (kW) 0.8
Maximum power (kW) 1
Rated Voltage (V) 230
Phases Single-phase
Regulating method AVR
Starting mode Hand rope recoil
Fuel tank volume (L) 3.5
Noise(DB) ≤75
Net weight (kg) 74/79
Packing size(mm) 445X350X415
Engine 154F/P
Displacement (ml) 106
Maximum power (kW/rpm) 1.3/3600
Rated power (kW/rpm) 1.1/3600
Oil volume (L) 0.36

Product details

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Built-in AVR

Built-in AVR

The AVR ensures consistent output voltage.

Hand-pulled rope recoil starter

Hand-pulled rope recoil starter

The hand rope recoil start method is completely mechanically dependent and can be used in environments where power is unstable or unavailable.

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High voltage stability

High voltage stability

This single-phase gasoline generator produces single-phase alternating current at 230V, which is highly stable and suitable for use in homes, small businesses and industries.

Our Advantages

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LElimination of middleman mark-ups
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Bulk Purchase Discounts
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Customised Production
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Quality Assurance
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Customised service
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Rapid response to market changes

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