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  • CF6800 Silent diesel generator1
  • CF6800 Silent diesel generator2
  • CF6800 Silent diesel generator3
  • CF6800 Silent diesel generator4
  • CF6800 Silent diesel generator1
  • CF6800 Silent diesel generator2
  • CF6800 Silent diesel generator3
  • CF6800 Silent diesel generator4

CF6800 Diesel Silent Portable Generator

CF6800 Diesel Powered Portable Generator

  • Fuel economy and high thermal efficiency
  • Low failure rate, stable and reliable work
  • Strong anti-shock and anti-vibration ability


CF6800 Diesel Powered Portable Generator

This new silent diesel generator is a quality choice for modern power supply due to its low noise, compact structure, high-efficiency performance, multiple protections, automated design, high-reliability environmental protection, and energy saving.

This high-performance single-phase generator has a maximum output of 5.5kW and can power multiple devices simultaneously. The large 12-liter fuel tank provides sufficient power for up to about 14 hours at about 50% load, making it suitable for use in a variety of environments, including homes, buildings, and industry.

Technical Data

Name 5KW Silent Diesel Generator
Model Parameters CF6800EJ
Rated frequency (Hz) 50
Rated power (kW) 5
Maximum power (kW) 5.5
Rated Voltage (V) 230
Phases single-phase
Regulating method Automatic
Starting mode Electric starter
Fuel tank volume (L) 12
Noise(DB) ≤100
Net weight (kg) 144
Packing size(mm) 970x550x760
Engine 186FA
Displacement (ml) 418
Maximum power (kW/rpm) 7/3600
Rated power (kW/rpm) 6.5/3600
Oil volume (L) 1.4

Product details

CF6800 Silent diesel generator details1
Built-in soundproof cotton

Built-in soundproof cotton

The machine’s frame is made of reasonable structural design and high-strength metal material, which can withstand large force and vibration and ensure the stability of the micro-tiller in the process of operation.

Humanized portable handrail

Humanized portable handrail

The new mobile handrail design makes it easy to transport and carry on-site.

CF6800 Silent diesel generator details2
CF6800 Silent diesel generator details3
Good maintenance

Good maintenance

Adopting thin combustion technology and an electronic control system, the unit has good performance, easy maintenance, strong environmental adaptability, and low cost.

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