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  • CF6800 diesel generator1
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CF6800 Diesel Portable Generator

CF6800 Diesel Portable Generator

  • Quick start-up and short shutdown process
  • Quantized design, small size, easy to transport
  • Wide range of applications

CF6800 Diesel Portable Generator

At full load, this 5kW diesel generator typically achieves a high level of efficiency, providing users with a stable and economical power supply.

Moreover, this 5kW diesel generator adopts advanced sound insulation technology and noise reduction materials to effectively reduce the noise level during operation.

And diesel generators are equipped with easy-to-replace parts and filters, users can easily carry out regular maintenance and maintenance, to extend the service life of the equipment.

Technical Data

Name 5KW Diesel Generator
Model Parameters CF6800
Rated frequency (Hz) 50
Rated power (kW) 5
Maximum power (kW) 5.5
Rated Voltage (V) 230
Phases single-phase
Regulating method Automatic
Starting mode Electric starter
Fuel tank volume (L) 12
Noise(DB) ≤110
Net weight (kg) 96
Packing size(mm) 765x515x670
Engine 186FA
Displacement (ml) 418
Maximum power (kW/rpm) 7/3600
Rated power (kW/rpm) 6.5/3600
Oil volume (L) 1.4

Product details

CF6800 diesel generator details1
Shock absorbing base

Shock absorbing base

The vibration-damping base effectively reduces the transmission of this vibration, protects the infrastructure from damage, and reduces the noise level generated by the diesel generator.

Single honeycomb silencer

Single honeycomb silencer

The simple structure of the silencer allows for quick installation and removal for ease of use in the field. Made of high-strength materials, it has a long service life and reduces environmental pollution.

CF6800 diesel generator details2
CF6800 diesel generator details3
Compact overall structural design

Compact overall structural design

The frame of this diesel engine is usually made of sturdy materials such as steel or cast iron to withstand the weight and various vibrations generated by the engine. The rack or frame can provide stable support, and the ultra-lightweight U-shaped frame is easy to transport and move.

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