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What situations are diesel-powered tillers more suitable for?

The diesel power tiller uses a small diesel engine as its power source, which gives it the power and torque to adapt to the demands of plowing complex terrain.

Operating range of diesel power weeder

The diesel power tiller is widely used in plains, mountainous and hilly drylands, paddy fields, orchards, and many other terrains and crop planting scenarios.
It can carry out rotary plowing, deep plowing, shallow plowing, and other operations to meet different needs, and it is the best choice for the majority of farmers and consumers to replace oxen plowing.

Main Application Scenarios

  • Farming: A diesel power tiller is an important tool for farming, it can be used for rotary plowing, deep plowing, shallow plowing, and other operations. For all sizes of farmland, a diesel cultivator tiller can provide enough power to quickly complete the task of plowing and improve the efficiency of plowing.
  • Orchard management: orchards often need to carry out soil loosening, weeding, fertilization, and other operations, diesel garden tiller can help orchard managers to efficiently complete these tasks, saving labor costs.
  • Mountain terraces: For mountain terraces with complex terrain, a diesel power tiller machine can easily enter and complete the plowing task by virtue of its compact and flexible features, which solves the problem of the traditional plowing tools being difficult to enter.

How to maintain a diesel power tiller on a daily basis

  1. Regular cleaning: residues on the knives should be removed immediately after use, and the external surface of the machine should be cleaned to ensure a clean working area and prevent impurities from entering the interior of the machine.
  2. Air filter: clean it three days after initial use, clean it for the second time after half a month of use, and replace it when it is used continuously for one month.
  3. Drive Belt: Regularly check the tension of the drive belt and adjust it to ensure proper operation.
  4. Before performing any maintenance or inspection, make sure the engine has been turned off and the overheated parts have cooled down.
  5. When flushing the machine, avoid penetrating water into the suction port of the air filter.
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