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How to use the gasoline power tiller

The gasoline power tiller uses a small gasoline engine as the power source, generating energy by burning gasoline to drive the whole machine.

Preparation for use

When using a gasoline-powered tiller, we need to follow certain steps and precautions to ensure safe and efficient operation.

  1. Inspect the machine:
    Carefully inspect the overall condition of the machine to ensure that all parts are intact and that there are no loose or missing parts.
    Check the condition of critical parts such as blades, drive belts, etc. to make sure they are in good working order.
  2. Fuel Check:
    Check the fuel level in the gasoline tank and add enough gasoline as needed.
    Also, check the machine’s oil level and refill or replace the oil as needed.
  3. Work Area Preparation:
    Remove weeds, rocks, and other obstacles from the work area to ensure that the work area is level and clean.

Starting the machine

  1. Placement of the machine:
    Place the machine on a flat surface, making sure it is stable and will not slide.
  2. Open the fuel gate:
    Open the machine’s fuel oil gate to the maximum. For cold starts, it is recommended to turn the oil gate to a smaller position to avoid gasoline spraying out.
  3. Starting the engine:
    Adjust the throttle to the center position.
    Pull the starter rope to start the machine. Be careful not to use too much force to pull the starter rope as this may damage the rope or the engine.
  4. Heat the engine:
    Allow the machine to run at low throttle for a few minutes after startup to bring its engine up to normal operating temperature.

Carrying out operations

  • Adjust the blades:
    Adjust the depth and angle of the blade as needed. Generally, the blade should be parallel to the ground and able to pass easily through the soil without damaging the roots.
  • Moving the machine:
    Push the machine’s blades slowly into the soil and then forward to move the machine forward. The user needs to maintain a steady pace and an even push to ensure the stability of the machine.
  • Observing the machine:
    Always keep an eye on the machine during operation. If there is any strange noise, shaking, or other abnormalities, stop the machine immediately to check and solve the problem before continuing to use it.
After finishing plowing
  • Close the throttle:
    When you are finished working, close the machine’s throttle to prevent fuel leakage.
  • Shutting off the engine:
    Turn the throttle to the lowest position, then gently pull the starter rope to turn off the machine’s engine.
  • Cleaning the machine:
    Clean the external surfaces of the machine with water and a soft cloth to remove dust and residual soil.
  • Storing the machine:
    Store the machine in a dry, ventilated and safe place away from sources of ignition and flammable materials.
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