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  • YGS QGZ50-32E-1A
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  • YGS QGZ50-32E-1A
  • YGS QGZ50-32E-A2
  • YGS QGZ50-32E-A3

Gasoline Water Pump QGZ50-32E1

Gasoline Water Pump QGZ50-32E

  • Economical and fuel-efficient, strong power.
  • High head and fast water suction.
  • Compact structure, lightweight design.
  • No need for power link, easy and safe to use.
  • Reinforced pump cover structure, the pump is durable.
  • Wide range of applications to meet your needs.

Gasoline Water Pump QGZ50-32E1

Powerful 4.0kw Gasoline Engine: The 4.0kw engine provides ample power to move significant volumes of water efficiently, making it suitable for a wide range of water transfer needs.

Large 2-inch Inlet and Outlet: The pump features a 2-inch inlet and outlet, allowing it to handle substantial water flow rates.

Durable Construction: Built with high-quality materials, this pump is designed to with stand continuous use and the challenges of exposure to water and the elements

Easy Start: The gasoline engine is designed for easy starting, ensuring that you can get to work quickly.


Technical Data

Name Self-suction pump
Model Parameters QGZ50-32E
Inlet/Outlet Diameter/( mm) 50(2″)/50(2″)
Lift(m) 32
Suction Range(m) 7
Flow Rate(m³/h) 36
Fuel Tank Volume (L) 3.6L
Fuel Consumption Rate (g/kW-h) ≤395
Net Weight (kg) 24
Packing Size) (mm) 530×395×460
Engine 170F/P
Displacement (ml) 212
Rated Power (kW) 4.0/3600
Oil Volume (L) 0.6

Product details

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Large Fuel Tank

Large Fuel Tank

Fuel tank provides ample capacity to handle extended pumping jobs without the need for frequent refuelling.

High-Quality Components

High-Quality Components

This water pump features a high-quality build, including the pump itself which features aluminium housing with a cast iron impeller for added longevity.

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T-Shaped Puller

T-Shaped Puller

The T-shaped design makes it easy to grip, and the auxiliary spring inside can help you start the engine more easily.

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