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  • DG6800 Diesel Portable Generator
  • GL6800 diesel genrator2
  • GL6800 diesel genrator3
  • DG6800 Diesel Portable Generator
  • GL6800 diesel genrator2
  • GL6800 diesel genrator3

DG6800 Diesel Portable Generator

DG6800 Diesel Portable Generator

  • Fitted with integrated wheels and a handle for easy movement and placement.
  • Two starting modes ensure that the generator starts smoothly and quickly in any situation.
  • High fuel efficiency, low maintenance, and long service life.

CF6800 Diesel Portable Generator

This equal-power diesel generator from Eagle Sino is capable of switching between 230v and 380v voltages with no loss of power, thus improving energy utilization.

Fuel efficiency

Eagle Sino’s equal-power diesel generator has a thermal efficiency of up to 45%, with a low fuel consumption rate and relatively low operating costs.

Stability of power generation

The power generation is operated at 90% of the rated power, which makes the power generation stable and reliable.

Strong load adaptability

when the load of the unit changes from 50% to 100%, the fuel consumption rate changes less, so the economy is good during peak shifting, and the adaptable range of load changes is large.

Technical Data

Name 5KW Equal power diesel generators
Model Parameters DGL-CF6800
Rated frequency (Hz) 50
Rated power (kW) 5
Maximum power (kW) 5.5
Rated Voltage (V) 230
Phases Single/Three Phase
Regulating method Automatic
Starting mode Hand-pulled rope recoil starter/electric starter
Fuel tank volume (L) 12
Noise(DB) ≤110
Net weight (kg) 94
Packing size(mm) 765x515x670
Engine 186FA
Displacement (ml) 418
Maximum power (kW/rpm) 7/3600
Rated power (kW/rpm) 6.5/3600
Oil volume (L) 1.4

Product details

GL6800 diesel genrator details1
Built-in fan for cooling

Built-in fan for cooling

The built-in fan can quickly disperse the engine heat and effectively prolong the service life.

Brake universal wheel

Brake universal wheel

When used on slopes or uneven surfaces, brake casters are particularly advantageous, preventing the equipment from sliding and moving. When the engine is pushed, it can be switched to swivel mode, and when it is moved, it can be easily rotated in a horizontal 360° direction.

GL6800 diesel genrator details2
GL6800 diesel genrator details3
Emergency stop device

Emergency stop device

In the event of an emergency or the need for immediate shutdown, the emergency brake can be used to stop the machine with one key to avoid safety accidents.

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